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Finishing Solutions for all Applications


Ceramic Finishing Media Ceramic finishing media is recommended for general purpose polishing, light and heavy deburring, fast and extra fast deburring and ultra aggressive metal removal. Ceramic media is best for heavy cutting and hard metals. When a small media is required (under 3/4"), ceramics offer the best selection. Ceramic media supports very heavy parts better than plastic media. Ceramic finishing media is the most common media used in mass finishing, it is durable, inexpensive and highly versatile. Ceramic finishing media is made of silica and other minerals and abrasives that are combined, formed and fired at a high temperature, producing a very hard, cement-like product. The more aggressive the ceramic media the faster it will cut and the quicker it will wear.



Precision Finishing Media Precision media is a type of ceramic media that is used when small and precise size is an issue. The super small sizes available are ideal for intricate finishing jobs, such as jewelry. Precision media comes in two different formulations, one for polishing and another for cutting. The polishing formulation does not include any abrasives and can be used with burnishing and or other finishing compounds to provide a high luster finish. The polishing formulation comes in a white color. The fast cutting formulation comes gray in color.



Our standard ceramic media comes in a broad range of sizes, from 5-64 in to 2 in. For special applications, we can produce custom sizes to ensure the perfect media solution for your product.



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