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Finishing Solutions for all Applications


Plastic deburring media is available in low density, high density and high performance formulations to meet the needs of specific applications and a variety of finishes. All formulations ensure extended life, consistency of performance and reduced effluent, conforming to environmental and ecological standards. These are the most effective media for any vibratory finishing or deburring machines. Low density - General purpose medias can be used for deburring, flash removal, burnishing and pre-plate finishing.



Plastic Finishing Media Hammond Roto-Finish is proud to present its new line of premier polyester plastic medias. These formulations range from very aggressive to very fine pre-plate and light cut with an almost luster finish. Garnet (PE-1) Very fine pre-plate finish, with minimal cut. Smooth uniform finish almost lustrous may be used with burnishing compound to bring out bright color. Surface finishes in the 5-10 Ra on soft metals Red in color Sapphire (PE-2) Good cutting formulation for use as a final finish or as an intermediate step for final low Ra finishes. Lower foam levels than most polyester media especially in high energy. Ra values of 25-30 on soft metals Blue green in color Amber (PE-3) Fine preplate media for use on all metals. It will leave a light uniform galvanized look on the surface with minor stock removal. It will provide typical Ra values of 8-12 on soft metals. Yellow in color Tiger-eye (PE-4) Medium cut plastic which develops a nice smooth surface on hard or base metals and can be use and will provide mild stock removal on softer metals and plastics. Typical Ra values of 15-30 on soft metals. Orange-brown in color Alabaster (PE-5) Aggressive cutting formulation, Excellent stock removal and deburring properties. Lower foam levels to increase cutting action. Surface finishes in the 30-35 Ra range on soft metals. Off white in color Jade (PE-HD) Aggressive cutting media with approximate density of 80-95 lbs per cubic foot. The added weight increases the cutting ability and leaves a surface finish Ra of 30-45 on soft metals. Light lime green in color



Synthetic Finishing Media Synthetic media offers long wear and an aggressive cut. As with plastic media, synthetic media also weighs less than ceramic media, thus reducing surface hammering and offering greater volume per pound, resulting in lower costs and very clean finishes. Synthetic finishing media is recommended for general metal removal, pre-painted or pre-plated finishing, and fast and heavy cutting. Synthetic media is especially good for high-energy machines such as centrifugal barrels and disc finishers, since synthetic media is resistant to chipping and breaking under high pressure.