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Our Lining Division Our comprehensive relining process begins with receiving the customer's bowl or tub, inspecting it and documenting the work to be performed. Using our thermo-strip method and our EPA-approved burnout oven, we remove the old lining dispose of the remains. The unit is sandblasted with 24 grit aluminum oxide, and inspected for stress cracks and needed repairs. Our highly-experienced technicians will perform any necessary repairs, stress relieve the unit, and apply a bonding agent to the lining area. After positioning the mold in the unit, the polyurethane is poured using either our hot or cold pour process. The unit will cure up to 24 hours in our oven at 180° to bring the polyurethane to its full potential. After trimming the lined unit and replacing all necessary parts such as drains, screens, and doors, it will be transferred to the paint booth. Lastly, we will perform a final post-production inspection to ensure the unit has been returned to it's optimum condition.


Metal Finishing Products offer one of the most extensive inventory of molds available for relining and rebuilding mass finishing equipment. Equipment can also be upgraded or modified to offer current state of the art options to meet your current processing demands. Polyurethane relining capabilities include: Vibratory bowls and tubs Small and large tumbling barrels Centrifugal barrels Custom applications Plastisol-coated separation screens Urethane-coated separation screens Urethane angled hole separation screens Polyurethane patch kits Rebuilding of mass finishing equipment


Wear-resistant components The Lining Division can fulfill all your cast urethane needs. We can create small, custom cast urethane parts for a variety of high intensity uses such as car wash rollers, blower housings, and replacement parts for surface finishing machines. No matter what shape and size, We can produce a custom mold for your part and ensure the closest dimensional tolerances. We also promise quick delivery too! We also offer a wide range of masking services for parts such as turbine blade roots/tips and crankcases. Masking can be decorative or used as part of the vibratory finishing and shot blasting process to protect certain areas.